Dream Cab

A new cab configuration delivering increased operator comfort, better ergonomics, and a wider field of view like never before.

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Built for comfort

Increased operator ergonomics leads to overall comfort gain and less daily fatigue.

Increased Visibility

Floor to ceiling field of view gives the operator a Clear-VU of what's ahead

Controls at your fingertips

Equipment controls are all fully integrated into both of the operator's armrests.

Comfort Steer
Steer-by-wire technology from Taylor

The Taylor COMFORT-STEER design allows the operator to easily and intuitively control the machine while gaining visibility. Clear-Vu DREAM Cab with Comfort Steer eliminates the need for a forward console by utilizing an electronic mini-wheel mounted to the adjustable armrest that uses steer-by-wire technology for machine control.

Clear-Vu Benefits

Wider Field of view

The CLEAR-VU Cab has enhanced visibility features unlike any other cab available today. Forward field of view is open from floor to ceiling. The combination of the Ultra-VU mast and the Clear-VU operator station is a massive change in how the operator perceives his work area.

Ease of Machine Control

All the features on the dash panel are now fully integrated into the armrest within easy reach of the operator.Features like the ignition switch, push-button start, light switches, wiper control knobs, and the TICS display are all contained within the joystick console area.

Mini-wheel steering

Our engineers have designed this system to monitor the machine's travel speed and dynamically adjust the mini-wheel sensitivity to give the operator smooth and safe machine control at any speed. The mini-wheel, being located conveniently at the armrest, also provides the operator with a more ergonomic posture that aids to less fatigue throughout the shift.


How does Comfort Steer Work?

The new Comfort Steer mini-wheel steering system was designed and developed by Taylor engineers utilizing a steer-by-wire (electric) steering system.

What models can be equipped with Clear-Vu?

Clear-Vu operator cabs can be used on any machine that currently accepts the Taylor DREAM Cab.

What is Armor Glass?

Armor glass is an optional safety feature for the Taylor DREAM Cab. This glass is comprised of a polycarbonate high-impact rated material that is used as an option to our other glass protection systems.

How do I get Clear-Vu on my equipment?

To inquire about Clear-Vu machine purchases contact your local dealer.

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