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Taylor Machine Works, Inc., located in Louisville, Mississippi, is one of the only privately held manufacturers of industrial lift trucks operating in America today. The company was founded by W.A. Taylor, Sr., in 1927, as a small family-owned automotive and repair business.

In 1937, W.A. Taylor, Sr., produced his first conventional timber skidder. Later developed into a mobile skidder and loader, this pioneer machine became known as the "Logger's Dream." The success of the "Logger's Dream" initiated a pattern of growth and expansion which became characteristic of the company. A second "dream" product was introduced... the "Pasture Dream," This permitted simultaneous application of seed and fertilizer without seedbed preparation. Acceptance of these products encouraged the decision to expand the agricultural, forestry, and reforestation product lines.

The early 1950's brought the development of the "Yardster" forklift trucks. These rugged machines soon found widespread acceptance in the handling of heavy and bulky materials such as lumber, pre-stressed concrete, steel and other primary metals, and containerized freight. A line of pulpwood handling equipment, including the "Pulpwood Dream" and pulpwood "Yardster" followed and rapidly became the accepted standard for loading and unloading pulpwood in the growing number of concentration yards throughout the southeastern United States.

By the mid-1960s, Taylor Machine Works had one of the most advanced machine shops in the South, with heavy investments in modern machine tools. Products included a complete line of heavy duty trailers (for transporting gravel, soil, etc.), numerous agricultural implements, reforestation equipment, log loaders, and other "specialized" machines in addition to the major line of forklift trucks.

Today, Taylor Machine Works, Inc., under the leadership of the third generation of the Taylor family, is a major progressive force in the worldwide materials handling equipment industry. The "Big Red" product line consists of numerous models of pneumatic tire forklifts with standard forks and carriages or optional front-end attachments; lift capacities range up to 125,000 pounds. The product line also includes cushion tire forklifts (also with optional front-end attachments), log stackers, container handlers and reach stackers.

Taylor's "Big Red" machines are on the job throughout the world and have made an impressive impact on the materials handling industry. These massive machines are utilized in such diverse applications as changing engines on jumbo jets, manipulating concrete culverts (twelve feet in diameter weighing up to twenty-five tons), moving and stacking empty and loaded containers up to eight-high, handling entire truckloads of logs in one bite, transporting cargo on and off huge ships, performing varied material handling jobs in steel mills, as well as many other material handling jobs.

The engineering and research and development groups at Taylor continue to produce new and improved machines to get the job done in the materials handling industry. Special engineering of the "Big Red" machines produces innovations in the industry in response to customer requirements.

The superior quality of the "Big Red" machines reflects an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers who use "Big Red" machines become accustomed to the personal relationship of the Taylor sales group, the dealer sales network, and Sudden Service, after market support. Together they prove to the customer that YOU CAN DEPEND ON "BIG RED".

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