XRS9972 H3_Brochure

FAITH • VISION • WORK www.taylorbigred.com Featured truck is shown with optional equipment XRS-9972 H3 Rated Capacity 99,000-lbs. (45 t) at 81-in. (2,057 mm) L.C. Rated Capacity 73,000-lbs. (33 t) at 157-in. (3,988 mm) L.C. Rated Capacity 38,000-lbs. (17 t) at 257-in. (6,528 mm) L.C. 258-in. (6,550 mm) Wheelbase The XRS-9972 H3 is a special purpose vehicle and must be application approved. Maximum available ratings: the ratings are not appropriate for all applications. Each application must be reviewed and ratings determined based on duty cycle.