XC Series (Cushion Tire)

Operator Comfort A simple, easy to use joystick is more efficient to operate than multiple levers. The joystick combined with the comfortable armrest reduces operator fatigue dramatically. Canbus technology is standard on the XC Series. This gives the operator and the service personnel data on all major engine functions. Tilt steering is standard on all the XC models. Anti-restart ignition switch. The three speed transmission with APC (Automatic Powershift Control) gives the operator unmatched control even at high rpm’s. (APC is an electronic transmission shift and speed controller , a pre programmed series of safe operating parameters that will not allow the operator to exceed the safe shift and speed programs.) Comfortably positioned pedals offer less stress to the operator’s feet and legs. The wet disc brakes offer greater and more dependable stopping power than the old style drum brakes. Comfort of the operator is vital to productivity. This is the reason we use an adjustable, partial rotating, air suspension seat. This soft, vinyl covered seat with fold down armrests offers the most comfortable operator work area possible. Two large convex mirrors give the operator excellent visibility toward the rear. Slim fitting strobe lights, brake/signal lights, and work lights for increased safety and visibility. The T-shape design of the dash stand is ergonomic while giving the operator more visibility to the front end of the truck and the sides of the mast and carriage areas.