Tire Pressure Monitoring System

SENSOR FEATURES: • Fully integrated into TaylorTrak Pro for reporting and monitoring • Sealed units allow full submersion and advanced durability • Available in both Standard (regular bore) and Industrial (large bore) options • External Installation enables easy and fast installation • Increased reporting during working conditions for unmatched safety • 8-215 PSI pressure range for comprehensive application use • Delivers actual tire pressure readings from valve stem • Not prone to inaccuracies because of tire replacements • Simple resynchronization after tire replacements • Compatible on models equipped with MD4 displays SENSOR DESCRIPTION: Automated and Manual Tire Pressure Monitoring serves the same purpose, to reduce tire wear and save you money. Even though manual pressure checks can help reduce some wear, when performed regularly, they can neither monitor nor alert you while the equipment is moving. Tire wear happens while the equipment is moving. Easy to install without demounting the tire while still providing users with the accurate and continuous tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to their operations. TIRE PRESSURE MONI TORING SYSTEM SUPERIOR: Monitoring, Reliability Battery Life, Performance, & Durability 8/28/19