TaylorTrak Pro Brochure

Remote Monitoring & Equipment Health TaylorTrak Pro®keeps you linked to our global Dealer Network. Your demanding industrial job-site requiresmaximum uptime for all of your equipment. TaylorTrak Pro® gives you timely information you can use - with the support of your local Taylor Dealer and Service Network - to help ensure your fleet stays on track and remains healthy through scheduled maintenance. Delivering valuable information to you remotely is the key to reducing the cost of owning and operating your fleet. Contact us to learn more: 662-773-9104 or visit www.taylortrakpro.com 24/7 PARTS SERVICE & SUPPORT www.suddenserviceinc.com ® This Preliminary Brochure is for informational purposes only and is intended for internal use only. Any distribution of this brochure without permission is strictly prohibited. Content subject to change without notice. (11/12/18)