Preliminary 3/11/20 Supporting Taylor Lift-trucks Worldwide 24/7 Worldwide Support Taking Care of Our Customers is Priority One! Unbeatable customer service, backed by over 90 years of customer satisfaction. Your #1 Source for Genuine Taylor Parts Our customers deserve to know they can always depend on us for service and support 24/7. Because of that expectation, we have factory trained service techs on the ground nationwide. Over 200 service technicians receive continuing education (hands-on) at the factory each year. Your service techs are supported by the best OEM parts and distribution facility in the world. With $60,000,000 dollars worth of parts distributed across our factory stores and millions more on the shelves at our dealers. We pride ourselves on providing you with unmatched Service & Support by a Worldwide Team of dedicated specialists. Have You Considered Leasing? Or Custom Fleet Management? Our goal is to structure a financial product that improves your profit with reduced operating cost by increasing up-time and offering a wide range of financial solutions to fit the specific needs of your business. Taylor Leasing offers over 100 different financial structures within the main product categories of: • Operating Lease - A financial choice which provides use of equipment for extended period of time with a low monthly operating cost. • Finance Lease - This type of lease offers flexibility in payments with equipment ownership options at the end of the lease term. • Fleet Management - Your needs and goals are always evaluated carefully before providing you with a custom fleet leasing solution. We only include fleet management services (including maintenance solutions detailed below) that help your fleet function more efficiently. • Fleet Maintenance - We offer tailored fleet maintenance solutions, that range from periodic service and emergency repairs to full on site personnel. Taylor Fleet Maintenance Programs assist in budgeting, while helping to eliminate unpredictable expenses and allowing you to focus on your actual business. For more information Phone: (662) 773-3421 Ext. 400 - Fax: (662) 773-9146 or E-mail Stephen Arnett ® ®