Vision Plus Brochure - Preliminary 9-24-18

CHOOSE YOUR COVERAGE AREA Vision Plus can be installed on virtually any type of off-highway mobile equipment. Different types of equipment operate in various applications and have unique requirements. Your application and equipment use is specific to your needs. Use the chart below to help in making your coverage area decision. COVERAGE AREAS Sample Equipment: Rear 90º Rear 180º Extended 180º Maximum (up to) 360º Articulating Chassis  Loaders    Tractors    Forklifts    Compactors    Rear Axle Steering  Forklifts    Tele-Handlers    Intermodal Handlers    Front Axle Steering  Tow Trucks     Mobile Cranes     Concrete Mixers     Agricultural Tractors     Tracked Vehicles  Excavators     Bulldozers     Skid Steer Loaders      All Vision Plus cameras must be mounted such that there is no relative movement between any of the cameras. When cameras are mounted on the rear portion of an articulated chassis, no cameras can be mounted on the front portion.  Rear axle steer vehicles are highly maneuverable. Minimum 180° coverage is recommended except on very small vehicles.  Vehicles with large implements or attachments may preclude coverage due to blockage of camera view.  Vehicles with large front end implements or attachments may preclude coverage due to blockage of camera view. Contact your local distributor for more information or visit us at Can’t find a system to fit your application? Vision Plus™ offers a customizable solution to meet your unique requirements. Options for specialty applications include custom coverage area, data logging, on board maintenance tools, and custom engineering. Your Certified Vision Plus™ dealer can discuss with you your specialty application. (Engineering fees may be required.) Vision Plus™ Integrated (only available on Taylor X-Series Trucks with MD4) Vision Plus™ Pro (MD3) Preliminary 9/24/18 Vision Plus™