Uprights & Carriages • Nested I-beam upright design • Canted load rollers • Silent staging upright cylinders allows no racking between stages • Negative drop rails provide easy and inexpensive servicing of carriage • Spherical bushings on both ends of the tilt cylinders • 6-roller carriages • External side thrust rollers • Heavy duty roller chain • Load back rest pallet protection • Fully greaseable pivot points Steer Axle • Heavy duty steer axle incorporates integral double steer cylinder • Single piece steer knuckles supported by tapered roller bearings which provide high durability and low maintenance • Full hydrostatic operation reduces mechanical links and eliminates kick back • Mounted on rubber isolator Overhead Guard • One piece provides strength and durability • Longitudinal overhead bars for better sightline when load is up • Low cowl height for greater visibility when load is in lowered position • Two forward mounted 12V work lights with protective guards are standard • Rear combination lights (brake, tail and back-up) are standard • Interior and exterior mirrors are standard Ergonomics • Two spoke steering wheel with spinner knob (tilts above the knee) • Large electronic directional control with no linkage- FWD/REV selected by moving lever up and down • Large oversized right lever operates turn signals and headlights • Large welded grab bar handle for solid secure mount • Hood mounted hydraulic control levers angled at 15 degrees back for precise driver operation • Hood mounted ratchet style park brake disengages transmission when applied NEED SPECIAL OPTIONS? Just ask one of our Taylor Specialist. Taylor MachineWorks was founded on the promise of meeting our customer’s needs. The sign on our original facility in 1927 stated “We Engineer and Build What You Need” and those ideals still ring true today! From multiple Mast, Carriage and Fork configurations to Special Attachments that are unique to your business, we will step forward to meet the challenge. With hundreds of options readily available for our trucks, and the ability to custom engineer any other need that arises, Taylor Machine Works is here ready to serve. Adjustable Black Vinyl Mechanical Suspension Seat. Features Adjustable Weight Range Adjustable Steering Column Pivots 30 Degrees Weather Sealed High Visibility LCD Diagnostic Display Includes Fault Code Storage and is Password Protected Durable Nested I-beam Design Yeilds Optimal Visibility Available Options • Fully featured cabs (with or without A/C) • Partial cab with front windshield wiper • Solid Tires (Single or Dual Drive) • AM/FM radio / Bluetooth option with cab • Side shifters & Fork Positioners • Belly guards • LED Lights • Accumulators • Swing-down LPG tank brackets • Lifting eyes for stevedoring applications • Additional accessory valves